how well do you know Andy Biersack?

There are many Andy Biersack fans in the world. But, my quiz was just to see hoe much you knew and understood about him, and the amazing person that he is.

Are you a lover, or are you a hater. If you are a hater then, what in the hell were you planning on getting out of this quiz? If you don't have a good reason then you just wasted your time and my effort so f--- you. If you are a lover, and you did well on this quiz I congradulate you. You Truly love a band that truly loves it's fans. Well done.

Created by: Pheonix
  1. how tall is Andy Biersack?
  2. What are his 2 favourite colours?
  3. He was originally in a band called....
  4. What do Andy and his band (black veil brides) call them selves?
  5. Andys 2 favourite numbers are..
  6. Was Andy bullied at school?
  7. Who is his best friend?
  8. What does he call his girlfriend?
  9. How many ribs did Andy break when he fell off a stage?
  10. Does Andy inhale scream or exhale scream?
  11. What sport did he use to play?
  12. How much time does andy spend before and after every show taking pictures and shining autographs?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Andy Biersack?