Andy and Carissa Act 1 Quiz

This quiz is about the story Andy and Carissa. In this quiz you answer a few questions, some more difficult than others, and some optional or bonus. Read and answer the questions carefully and/or use your knowledge of the story.

Make sure to check your answers. Why must this quiz paragraph be at least 150 characters long? I’m in a rush here and just need to complete this fake quiz.

Created by: Cyllestikroon

  1. What leads Andy to believe Mom wasn’t home for a few hours?
  2. The Alien Leader’s Grandma cannot string together sentences properly. What does “Grandma came to the contact” mean?
  3. Who is abducted?
  4. What happens when Andy and Carissa go to Chipotle?
  5. (Bonus) When might this story take place?
  6. Why might the author include consistency errors?
  7. What are the benefits of writing in script format?
  8. What is the Alien Leader’s favorite food?
  9. True or False: Carissa is Andy’s sister
  10. Do you like the story so far? (Optional)

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