What Maplestory Class are you??

There are many classes in the 2D MMORPG world of Maplestory. But 5 main classes which all others are based upon in design, stats and Abilities. Which one could you be?

Are you Al Capone, Robin Hood, King Arthur,Jack Sparrow or even the Devil Conjurer? This Quiz will show you what class you are meant to be!Now stop reading and start the quiz.

Created by: Darake Gou
  1. What weapons do you prefer?
  2. What would you Wear?
  3. Were would you live??
  4. What animal do you prefer
  5. Which Hobby do you prefer?
  6. What would you watch?
  7. What Pokemon would you choose?
  8. Which food do like the best
  9. What would you do
  10. What Class do you think you are?
  11. Do like this Quiz?(Drastic Effect)

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Quiz topic: What Maplestory Class am I??