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  •  Buzz Watson

    So metimes it's the quiet people who do the most work, isn't it? You're usually the quieter one in the group, and though you pull your weight (and sometimes more than that!), it takes a while to grow comfortable enough to speak up and volunteer your opinions. Of course once you do get comfortable enough, your friends might be surprised to find how much there is beneath the low-key exterior...and at how much you outclass them in dry wits. Though sometimes people underestimate you or take you for granted because of your mild manner and willingness to go along with most things, you know that there's a difference between being accommodating and being a pushover, and that you're perfectly capable to draw the line when necessary. But usually, you're perfectly happy to help out - and for those you care about, you'll often do much more. You're a good, caring friend, and empathize a lot with others. Even your sarcastic digs are a sign of affection, once you get comfortable enough around someone!


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