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  • Shape shifting. I would turn into an alien cat. Or maybe any pokemon cat, maybe Mewthree... If this happen, call me Mew Pur Pur please

    MewPurPur Jun 30 '15, 5:10PM
  • I got x-ray vision but I have not seeing anything.

    john onwu Mar 29 '15, 11:42PM
  • I got super speed im like flash super speedy im never going to be late for school again lol.

    cookie0823 Jan 20 '15, 12:43PM
  • I got a Shape-Shifter!!!!
    Thats amazing!!!!

    Wiccangirl13 Feb 12 '14, 12:46AM
  • i got invisibility but i never saw myself invisible ;D

    Mreenav Apr 2 '10, 10:14AM
  • COOL..X-Ray vision. But I wouldn't think its good see 'through clothes' thing. I wouldn't do that. Its kinda awful thing..(YUCKS!)

    vogue Sep 3 '09, 12:43AM
  • Awesome!!!!! I can see hot chicks naked. SWEET!!!!

    Darkrocker666 Nov 13 '07, 5:25PM
  • I got X-ray vision but I would probably be able to control it so I wouldn't see through clothes. :)

    Wolfgirl Nov 7 '07, 7:44PM
  • Awsome quiz. I was a shape shifter WOOO =D

    Frank Nov 6 '07, 1:27PM
  • why would i want to be able to see through clothes?

    sgb girl Nov 5 '07, 5:27PM

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