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  • What Magical Creature Are You?
    Your Result: Pegasus 87%

    You are a quick and loyal creature, admired by all. You are extremely devoted to the people you care about, and you would never turn your back on them. You are also a fast and spirited fighter, always ready to defend your peers.

    Really cool quiz!

  • Your Result: Unicorn 93%

    result You are a graceful, generous steed. You care deeply about the feelings of others, and it is not hard for you to sense the emotions of those around you. People often appreciate your loving attitude.

    nice quiz :-)

  • Merperson,very true as I am quite the mysterious loner along with being a huge swimming geek. I've always been told I can be quite sneaky to due to my mischievous ways. Cool quiz.

  • Pegasus and then Elf. Nice quiz!


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