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  • matthew? the little 7 yr old at my church who gave me a pic of a dog last wk? or matt, my cousin's crush, at church, who let me borrow his cd? or matthew, my younger11 yr old cousin, im not marrying my cousin! lol good quiz :p

    Ardeo9999 Jan 21 '12, 11:20AM
  • Matthew!!! D: I still kinda like this Matthew at my school, but he is a jerk.

    Quiztogo Nov 12 '11, 7:13PM
  • wtf i got a guy named matthew.in the quizzes i did till now it said that the name of my soulmate starts with the letter D. and for christ's sake a guy named matthew married my sis.

    cherylmj Sep 10 '11, 8:51AM
  • I know no one called matthew. guess u didnt do german names *sigh*

    heather97 Feb 22 '11, 4:30PM
  • it was verst

    111111 Sep 19 '10, 9:37AM
  • I know a guy named matthew but he's a band geek
    ew[no urls] i like emo guys

    volleyballgal Sep 19 '09, 2:07PM
  • i got bob but i am an iranian girl and of course as i know THERE IS NO BOB HERE!

    tifa Sep 19 '09, 11:03AM
  • I got Matt sum random sketer boy who whistles 2 us when we go 2 skool

    Exia Aug 24 '09, 11:31PM
  • I did it again and I got some guy named James... ewwwwww i know this guy named james in my class and he has this huge mole on his FACE!!!

    Jules1999 Aug 22 '09, 12:58AM
  • i gt joey i kno a joey and we used to be friends bt now i hate him

    peacemine Aug 21 '09, 10:16PM
  • wtf mattew is my brother!!

    nmforever Aug 18 '09, 10:49PM
  • WTF i got Matthew this quiz is ether the biggest worst lie ever or were all going to get cheated on!!! LOL

    Jules1999 Aug 16 '09, 3:47AM
  • wat tha freak?! y does everybody have matthew? maybe tha person that made dis quiz is tha one who likes mat. cause i was lookin 4 a name beggin wit a D. wat kind of quiz is dis anyways?!

    kuwana Jan 20 '09, 2:38PM
  • Bob? That's funny.

    Note Jan 14 '09, 1:12AM
  • Matthew, I know a lot of Matts but the one I know best is my worst enemy he's really mean.

    Nati Jan 11 '09, 8:09PM
  • WTF!? We all practically got matthew??

    natasha101 Jan 9 '09, 6:00PM
  • OMG that is too weird... the father of my daughter is named Matthew and we Just split up but I always believed we were meant for each other

    kazeraver Jan 3 '09, 1:15AM
  • i got Matthew. wait! like Matt from The Five Matthew? hell yeah!

    A_little_dead Dec 31 '08, 3:42PM
  • I got matthew as well. he's kind of cute. His full name is matthew Hill and he goes to vestal middle school if anyone knows him!

    underdog Dec 30 '08, 9:57AM
  • The hell is this? Dude, Joey is the most weirdest, gayest, and stupidest guy i know! No offense to him even though I know him and talk to him sometimes but dude, that's just plan creepy.

    June Dec 30 '08, 12:38AM
  • Matthew?!?!?!?!
    Ew www!!!
    He's this wannabe skater in my class!!!

    Ailey Dec 28 '08, 2:53PM
  • I GOT MATHEW TOO!!!! and whats weird is that i JUST broke up with a guy named mathew and i have some SERIOUS feelings for him!!!!!! thats NUTS

    babecodes Dec 27 '08, 4:35PM

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