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  • Matthew...wow!

    Madisonlamx Dec 27 '08, 1:51PM
  • Joey?!EW!! Ok i used to know this red-headed douche bag named joey.........gross! but that so called emoish joey sounds interesting........ .....NO JUST KIDDING!(i do love emo/emoish guys though ^-^)

    pysco_bbydoll Dec 25 '08, 10:00PM
  • BOB, thats gross, thats my brother eeew eew eeew eew eeew

    brittany94 Dec 25 '08, 9:16PM
  • Ewwwwww... Joey? Why Joey? Joey's this emo kid at my old high school. Really, really ewww.

    ferretkiwi Dec 25 '08, 9:04PM
  • Ugh, I have to stop taking these quizzes. I end up with names of people I know, and the people are such tools. I got Matthew

    Grini Dec 25 '08, 11:56AM
  • i know someone named matthew and he is such a tool.

    snickers Dec 24 '08, 2:18PM
  • I got matthew but I dont really care at all casue its just just a dumb quiz but visit my quiz at

    http://www.goto quiz.com/can_you_ge t_all_of_these_ques tions_right
    It will make you laugh when you find out the answer cause the answers are so obvious the questions are very hard at the begging

    snow angel Dec 24 '08, 11:44AM
  • umm Bob? my bf's name is Andy. mkayy. check out my newest quiz at www.gotoquiz.com/ar ea_you_desperate_fo r_a_bf_gf comment and rate please!!

    bballxloverxo Dec 24 '08, 11:16AM
  • bob seems nice :)

    misskiss Dec 24 '08, 10:32AM
  • Bob, bod kicks @zz

    luckypuppy13 Dec 23 '08, 11:29PM
  • joey..? ugh. i didn't really like this quiz.

    syn_x3 Dec 23 '08, 10:38PM
  • matthew <3

    Puppy xo1 Dec 23 '08, 9:04PM
  • this quiz was okay? not great could be better, but it was ok. i got matthew cool!

    simsobsessed5678 Dec 23 '08, 8:19PM

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