What kind of zombie would you be

If there would be a zombie apocalyps what kind of zombie would you be if you don't know what a zombie is the this quiz is not for you. And remeber always anwser honestly. Enjoy.

Would you as a zombie be a classic, a newbie, a slow one, a leader or a fast one. You will find that out in this quiz as i made this quiz my zombie was helping me make it. Enjoy.

Created by: Kitty cat
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have ever been injured under the stomach
  2. Are you a boss/own a company or are you a worker
  3. Are you good at sports that involve running
  4. Do you play games that involve zombies
  5. Are you a risk taker
  6. Do you have lot of friends
  7. Have you prepared for a zombie apocalypse
  8. Do you get bullied
  9. Are you kind hearted
  10. Do you like this quiz
  11. If you had to choose beetween your life or your mother who would it be

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