What kind of world disaster are you?

This quiz shows wich natural disaster you are. By this quiz i will look how you're character is. An world disaster is somethig you hope you will never get into, like a tornado or landslide means no good..

This quiz will determinate wich world disaster you are. When you done finking the answers you will get you're answer and some tips you can do. If you dislike you're results dont complain, its just a quiz.

Created by: Barry
  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. What would you do if you where mad?
  3. You see a kind of geeky kid beaten up by a big large bully. You:
  4. You're standing for one toilet but its occupied the whole time and you're almost pee in you're pants, you:
  5. You're had a issue on school and now you have dettention for two and a half hour, you:
  6. You're listen to you're crush but she just get very boring, you:
  7. You're are on the dance floor in a disco when you see two girls of an age of 14 laugh you out, you:
  8. You see a gun just on the floor. Nobody pays attention, you:
  9. Yes or no: Do you enjoy it when somebody is in trouble?
  10. Wich emotion do you like the most?
  11. Do you scream a lot?
  12. Do people hate you?
  13. If you had an enemy that you hated so much, what would you do to him/hair if you could choose?
  14. How would you attack?
  15. If you had 7,5 million dollar, what would you first buy/do?
  16. Do you care about the environment?
  17. Would you ever use drugs?
  18. What is the most important thing in the world for you?
  19. Do ever get a vibration/feeling to steal something for money?
  20. What kind of music do u like?
  21. What kind of movie would you wanna see?

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Quiz topic: What kind of world disaster am I?