What kind of survivor are you?

Well, the fact is, very few people are prepared for disaster, and should it strike, they will be lost, some people are prepared, which category do you fall under?

This is something I threw together in an attempt to answer that question, will you survive? Take the quiz, and find out, and don't complain about your result.

Created by: Ryan

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  1. Crap! I am:
  2. Are you good with Directions?
  3. I need a melee weapon, so many to choose, which will you take?
  4. I need a hideout, too much heat from raiders, I think I will go to:
  5. I have:
  6. I need a gun, what to take what to take?
  7. I have too many vices...
  8. I think the apocalypse will be:
  9. I think someone might be hurt, I...
  10. I hit the gym yesterday, went straight to the bench and put up:
  11. I ran a mile in:
  12. I find the dark:
  13. What about blood, can you stand seing it?
  14. Looking at your supplies, you realize your bottled water supply is running low, you think to yourself:
  15. Crap, the generators broken, and it's winter, your group needs heat, you think to yourself:
  16. I need some protection...
  17. You are getting kind of bored...
  18. A group member comes to you, a family member of yours has fallen ill, no one knows what's wrong, but it could be contagious.
  19. You don't know where you are going, all you know is it's a bad idea to stay in one place too long, you've made your way to South Carolina, upon entering a rural town, you see a small farm with animals and crops, there is a group of rifle weilding locals living there. You:
  20. Last question, are you a Zort?

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Quiz topic: What kind of survivor am I?