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  • I am the ultimate leader!! :D

    willowstar Mar 14 '19, 8:03PM
  • You want to be all powerful, no matter what the cost. You can hardly keep your claws sheathed, and never hold back in battles. You're the ultimate fighter, and sometimes wonder if you wouldn't be better as a Loner, or maybe finally the leader.... You can't understand why you haven't been chosen for deputy yet, and ideas on how to correct your leader come quite easily... If killing your own siblings, Clan, and anyone else meant you got what you wanted, your all for it. People had better stay on your good side. Your the ultimate rogue. Ha I just Love it!

    Aceleader Apr 16 '12, 7:20PM
  • Question, do u guys think I HUD make mire warrior cat quizzes? Thanks!

    horsekrazibrittz Dec 16 '10, 11:59PM
  • lolz. thanks. I worked hard on it. ;D

    horsekrazibrittz Nov 22 '10, 9:00PM
  • Your the lead cat. The first one into battle and the last one to take prey. You would give every one of your lives for your Clan, and care for they're safety more than yourself. Your an amazing fighter, but always look for the more peaceful solution to save lives. You defend and protect your Clan and are a natural leader. You make the decisions, decide the battles, make the alliances, and lead your Clan. Your the ultimate leader.

    I love this quiz that awnser is so like me =)

    Giovanna Aug 17 '10, 3:03AM

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