What kind of Troll are you?

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Trolls World Tour was just released and with it came lots of new kinds of trolls. I've been wondering what kind I was. and I made this quiz to help not only me, but you find out as well.

I personally found myself to be a techno troll. but you may be a Pop, K-pop, rock, funk, reggaeton, classical, yodeler, jazz, or country troll, or a techno troll like me!

Created by: TheFalcon18
  1. How often do you play video games
  2. Do you show your emotions by singing?
  3. Do you consider yourself old fashioned?
  4. Have you been called vsco by, literally anyone?
  5. How committed are you to make sure your favorite trend lives on?
  6. Do you like or sing sad songs?
  7. Do you dance while singing?
  8. Are you okay with living a hard lifestyle?
  9. Have people ever thought that the music you were listening to was weird?
  10. Do you like to have music with words?
  11. Do you add more stuff to the music you listen to?
  12. Where do you want to live?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Troll am I?