Are you a total minecraft troll?

There are Miners, Crafters, Fighters, Strategists and Engineers. But there is one type of Minecrafter that can be pretty annoying. Trolls. No, not big, hairy, guys, trolls, griefers, jerks!

Are you one of them? Let's take a test. What's that? You don't even know what minecraft is? How did you get here then? Why are you not leaving? SECURITY!

Created by: LinkJadusable
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like making people mad?
  2. Which is the better method, worldedit their house to TNT and blow it up, or spawn a pig?
  3. Is a lava pit better than the IcontrolU plugin?
  4. Who is ZexyZek?
  5. What is a block?
  6. Boss Battle initiated.
  7. Chuck Norris: You can never beat me! Run while you can! MUAHAHHAHAH! Options: Run, Fight, Stand there like an idiot and die.
  8. Which did you select?
  9. Are you really getting anywhere with this?
  10. Well, that's the end. Notch: Oh no it's not! One more thing, is it me or Herobrine who is the jerk?
  11. Ok, anyway... Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a total minecraft troll?