How much of a Troll are you?

Hey there, fellow Trolls! (Perhaps you may be one? well, we shall see, shant we?) Well, This quiz is to determine (obviously) weather or not you are a true troll!!!

As you know, this is a space filler! (BECAUSE I'M A TROLL!!!) I really do like to troll, not always in an evil way, but in a fun way! Your true troll, ~Kiki McTroll!

Created by: KiKi
  1. How many social network accounts do you have that are not actually you?
  2. So, you found some money on the street.
  3. Do you visit MeMebase, and stuff like that alot?
  4. How many troll apps do you have?
  5. what's your favourite hobby?
  6. What's your profile pic of? (On the internet)
  7. Is money important?
  8. What if the world was about to end?
  9. Are you sometimes creepy & Mischevious?
  10. Sing a random song!

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Quiz topic: How much of a Troll am I?