How much of a Trolls fan are you?

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There are many Trolls fans around the world, who LOVE the movie... But there's much more than just watching the movie and loving it, to be a huge fan!

There are many facts out there which not everyone knows, but can tell you how much of a fan, you really are! Don't you want to know, if you are one of the most OBSESSED and one of the know-it-all's in the fandom? Well this quiz will solve that problem!

Created by: Iris
  1. Which song by Ariana Grande was in Trolls
  2. What is the name of the owner of the party shop?
  3. What does Branch sarcastically say that he is passionate about
  4. What is the Netflix series called?
  5. What did Branch say to the party shop owner?
  6. What did the party shop owner reply to Branch after what he said in the previous question?
  7. Who voices Branch in the Netflix Series?
  8. What turned Branch grey?
  9. What is Branch's remote/ son's name?
  10. What was the episode "Big Poppy" originally going to be called?
  11. Branch fell into a rapid while calling Creek
  12. What species of Trolls is Poppy and Branch?
  13. What species of Trolls is Smidge?
  14. What episode did Branch say that Poppy was the most important person in his life?
  15. What was the name of the Holiday Special?
  16. What is the name of the Troll that poops cupcakes
  17. What is the name of Poppy's remote control
  18. When is Justin Timberlake (Branch's voice actor in the movie's) birthday
  19. What colour is mr Dinkles' hat
  20. How many places does Poppy travel through, on her journey to Bergen Town?
  21. What was the song in the credits of Trolls
  22. What is the date mentioned in the song "September"
  23. How tall are Smidge and Poppy, respectively?
  24. How tall is Biggie?
  25. What is the Trolls celebration where they celebrate socks?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Trolls fan am I?