What kind of spy are you?

Spies are people who could be so secretive that not even the closest person to him/her would know they are actually a spy! Spies are clever, quick thinking. Think you're up for it?

Show your secretive inner spy skills! You might even reveal or secret hidden talent, you never know! Try this quiz to be find out how good you are! This is my first quiz so please bear with me if this is a bad quiz! Rate and comment!

Created by: Cecilia
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  1. Your boss, head of the CIA, calls you to investigate a high street in New York city. Do you say:
  2. What do you wear?
  3. Have you ever wanted to have people working for you?
  4. You forget your Sonic Tool, and you are faced with a lock that is almost impossible to break open. Your chance to open it without the tool is 1/1000000000.
  5. You have a feeling someone is stalking you- you are NOT on a mission- what do you do?
  6. Your favorite film is:
  7. Where would you live if you were a very well known spy?
  8. How much do you think your pay would be? Per week?
  9. How did you enjoy my quiz? No effect!
  10. Do you think you'll pass? No effect!

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Quiz topic: What kind of spy am I?