What kind of spirit are you?

People may say that your soul is all this flowy stuff that twirls and swirls in your being. Others may say that it is just who you are. I say it's who you are, but also, what you may become. Like looking in the mirror, you see yourself, but you also see and wonder what you want to do with yourself. In this quiz, you can be all three spirits: Earth, Death, or Water. Or you may just be one. The point is, realizing your potential. You are important.

This quiz is made up, at least by my understanding. I just go bored and decided to make a quiz. Potential is a funny thing, you can either live your life, or pretend you're somebody other than who you are and get yourself nowhere. An example is a car. The one who says it's broken, is completely different from the one who knows where it's broken. If a car does not start, there could be a million reasons why. Just like you, there a million ways to live your life to it's full extent.

Created by: Rachel
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you rather do?
  2. What would you bring if you went hiking?
  3. What do you do at funerals?
  4. What kind of jokes do you play on friends?
  5. What do you like to happen in movies?
  6. What do you do at night?
  7. What are you scared of most?
  8. What would you rather die for?
  9. What would you rather live for?
  10. Do you believe in yourself?

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Quiz topic: What kind of spirit am I?