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  • Water spirit,I do go by my own rules and instincts and like to be self reliant on myself. I'm also quite adventurous and love to go swimming alot too. I'm the complete opposite of calm though lol. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Death spirits control what lives and breathes, or dies and fades. Unfortunately, many humans may underestimate the power of a death spirit, or may take them the wrong way as to insult them by being shaken with fear. A death spirit has a second power: to read thoughts. It is their duty to care for those who must die. But when needed for their reasons, cause one's life to simply fade away. But they can bring life as well, although it is not in their nature, but it is possible. A death spirit has more control over their power then an earth spirit, but their anger can flare, and slip. Death spirits were the last to enter the realm of humans, so very young. Feeling shy and quiet, but very smart and bright.

    Live for either happiness or adventure is stupid and will take you nowhere but emptiness and frustration. Living for Jesus actually gives you a purpose.

  • im an earth spirit but i wanted death dang it. I LOVE NICK AND ZAC :)


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