What Kind of Self-Spanking Do You Need This Week?

Being your own disciplinarian is no easy task! It requires determination, willpower, and honesty to successfully and fairly evaluate your behavior and, when necessary, determine and administer an effective punishment. This quiz can help you keep track of and rate your behavior and inspire you to set new goals and standards for yourself.

The goal of this quiz is to help people exploring self-spanking with the hopes of genuine self-improvement. Therefore, the quiz will reward you for answers that indicate you have sought help to improve your behavior in certain area. Remember, discipline is not just punishment; it is also learning what and how you can do better in the future. It is important not only to administer the spanks you have earned, but to complete the other tasks so that you are left not just with a sore bottom, but a clean conscience and a positive attitude moving forward.

Created by: Jubilee
  1. Did you take good physical care of yourself by eating well and getting enough sleep? An occasional treat or late night is fine, but you can't be the person you want to be if you aren't nourishing yourself.
  2. Did you finish your important and necessary tasks for work and/or school on time? Did you give yourself enough time to make sure that your work actually represented your ability?
  3. Did you keep up with necessary chores at home? It's important to relax, but having a clean and organized home promotes mental health and responsible behavior. This includes doing laundry so that you have whatever clothes you need, keeping your kitchen and bathroom hygienic, taking care of your pets if you have them, having food you can prepare for yourself without ordering in, and keeping your space organized enough so you can find what you need.
  4. Did you treat the people in your life with kindness and respect? Kindness and respect might not mean the same thing in all your relationships, but you know the difference between treating someone well and treating them poorly. However, you ALSO deserve kindness and respect--don't punish yourself for being assertive when you need to be.
  5. Have you been managing anger, stress or other negative emotions in appropriate ways? This means finding ways to express them that don't hurt you or anyone else.
  6. How honest were you this week?
  7. Do you have specific, personal rules you have developed for your self-discipline journey? Having specific rules that you have written for yourself will make your self-discipline much more effective.
  8. How well did you follow your personal rules this week? How would you rate your behavior over all?
  9. How much time and effort have you been willing to put into your self-discipline? This quiz not only recommends spanking, but also corner time, written assignments (lines, essays, letters, and self-scoldings) and some other non-spanking punishments, like mouth-soaping or early bedtimes. Carrying out a full discipline session will take more than a few minutes of smacking your butt.
  10. Did you make some other kind of behavior choice that hasn't been covered earlier in the quiz, but that you think is important to consider in determining this week's results?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Self-Spanking do I Need This Week?

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