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  • I'm pretty sure I'm not an ignorant racist...I'm mixed for one, and can't help but notice your quiz has personal narrow-minded answers. I don't like to classify myself as a Republican or Democrat simply because if I did work for the gov't I would not bend to my party for publicity or money. Well, thanks for that 2 minutes of my life thrown out of the window.

  • Whoever designed this 'quiz' is a political illiterate.

    They must be devotees of that Colburt person.

    The questions are asked in such a way as to perpetuate stereotypes that expose the questioner's ignorance.

    When I have time, I will write better questions.

  • Please actually do some research on what a republican is before you make a ridiculous quiz like this. You must be one of those idiots that believe everything they are told without checking the facts.

  • This 'quiz' was created by a so called funny person in Brooklyn NY.

    Even putting your age and gender got you Ignorant Racist.

    Seems some people are very hard up to be noticed.

    Too Bad.

  • I'm willing to bet you've either offed yourself by now, or the TDS is so strong you're in a coma.

  • I'm what Republicans and Democrats alike check under their beds for.

  • Do i care what people think, no am i a secret republican yeah

    if i like bernie sanders its about 10 to 20% i like trump yes but i like other republicans because they are smarter than him.

    i want the brown latinos out of america and the white latinos stay in

    that means salvadorans, non white guatemalans especially ugly mexicans go home


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