What Kind Of Republican Are You?

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There are many different shades of Republicans today, from Tea Party patriots to libertarian free marketeers to evangelical Christians. While all Republicans share the same commitment to restoring the values that lead to the triumph of America's will, they disagree on the exact path to take.

The questions in this quiz will expose the truth about who you are and where you sit in the Republican big tent. Be careful, though, because you might find out a little more about your beliefs than you ever wanted to know! - Virgil Texas

Created by: Virgil Texas
  1. How should deal with illegal immigration?
  2. How should we deal with Iran?
  3. How should we balance the federal budget?
  4. How should we stop voter fraud?
  5. What's your position on Second Amendment rights?
  6. What's your position on affirmative action?
  7. What's your position on gay marriage?
  8. What is the most appalling aspect about Obamacare?
  9. Who do you like for 2016?
  10. What's your religion?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Republican am I?