What kind of Plants Vs. Zombies plant are you?

Do you have any clue what plant from Plants Vs. Zombies you are? Here's your chance to find out! I hope you like it. See paragraph two for more details.

Plants Vs. Zombies is full of plants. I separated them into defense, strong attack, normal attack, weak attack, and other. Just take this quiz for your results!

Created by: Wall-nut
  1. Are you strong?
  2. Are you brave?
  3. Do you even like Plants Vs. Zombies?
  4. What's better-Plants or Zombies?
  5. Do you like attack or defense better?
  6. Zombie!
  7. Are you average at attacking?
  8. Two questions after this, you ready?
  9. What company was Plants Vs. Zombies made by?
  10. What do you think you'll be?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Plants Vs. Zombies plant am I?