Which Marijuana Strain are you?¿?

All over this world there was once an abundance of the smelly colorful little plants be wiped out by western influence for many reasons. But, people to this day find themselves lost in its mystic allure!The female marijuana plant, when gone unpollinated produce translucent like hairs and crystals stemming all over luscious colorful flowers

This mystic plants variety is endless, if you think you're cool enough to be a person, could you pass as a plant, and if you did, what exotic strain of marijuana would you be

Created by: cuttinUp

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  1. Before you enter a room do you think people notice you?
  2. Do people smile at you even before you say anything?
  3. Do you agree that people generally like you, but keep their distance just in case ?
  4. Do you like to say hi or just wave?
  5. If you had to pick...
  6. Tonight you're going out, do you...
  7. Your favorite color is...
  8. You feel like stopping and getting evrybody something to eat, you slow down and pull into...
  9. When you were a child you played like...don't worry i won't tell anybody!
  10. What weather enviroment would you like to live in

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Quiz topic: Which Marijuana Strain am I?¿?