Plants VS Zombies: Zombie Trivia

This test was designed to test your knowledge about the Zombie population. Think you know a lot about Plants VS Zombies zombies? Try my quiz to see what you know!

My quiz/test includes some pretty specific Zombie info, so if you've read the Almanac, you'll probably do really good! If not...well...good luck to ya! No copyright infringement intended

Created by: CrazyKmin
  1. Which Zombie is the most elusive?
  2. What is the name of the last zombie you encounter?
  3. True or False? Gargantuar will use other zombies to crush your plants.
  4. What does the Bungee Zombie do?
  5. What is Dancing Zombie's latest album called?
  6. The Balloon Zombie has two weaknesses. One, (obviously) is the Cactus. What's the other one?
  7. True or False? The Zomboni crushes your plants
  8. What happens when Newspaper Zombie loses his newspaper?
  9. What are the Screen Door Zombie's weaknesses?
  10. Backup Dancer has what on him?
  11. True or False? Dolphin Rider Zombie's dolphin is a live dolphin

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