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  • i got 89% total cutie and 85% sweet heart ^.^ lol 5% b*tch.

    nekoasuna Sep 24 '13, 1:17PM
  • Im NOT a drama queen i hate drama >=(

    Luv_Jacob Aug 5 '11, 11:37PM
  • im the total cutie (bats eyes). i think thats pretty accurate :)

    sara63 Apr 6 '10, 4:51PM
  • huh im the sweet heart(IM A DUDE)thats ok

    aw4391 Mar 16 '10, 2:30PM
  • Your Result: The Drama Queen / King

    When you look up the word overreaction in a dictionary , you are the definition . You cannot cope with anything less than perfection . But hey , on a good note you are never the quiet lonely one and you got an starry acting career ahead of you

    The Attention Seeker
    The B*cth
    The Boffin , Boaster And Nosy Busy Body
    The Total Cutie
    The Sweetheart

    Puppy xo1 Mar 9 '08, 10:42AM
  • A Drama Queen? Maybe sometimes.

    Puppy xo1 Mar 9 '08, 10:41AM

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