What kind of mushroom are you?

This quiz was suggested by one of my friends on Instagram. So thanks :). This quiz is about what kind of mushroom you are. And not the kind of mushrooms your thinking, cute ones with their own personalities.

If you are reading this please take some of my quizzes and/ or comment to give me some ideas for my next quiz. If your idea is chosen you'll get a free shoutout. Thanks :) Raptor Gal.

Created by: Raptor Gal

  1. On a regular basis what do you wear?
  2. Favourite flower?
  3. Favourite season?
  4. Favourite colour?
  5. What colour eyes?
  6. Temperature?
  7. Do you like mushrooms?
  8. Favourite type of movie?
  9. Dumyolp retasus!
  10. Bye! :)

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Quiz topic: What kind of mushroom am I?