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Hi there, Mario is my absolute favourite video game character. So I wanted to do a quiz about him and the rest of his friends from the Mushroom kingdom.

There are 10 questions to answer. So go on, take the quiz and find out who you are! Are you the hero Mario or are you a big bad Bowser! Who best suits you!

Created by: Ryan

  1. what is your favourite mario game
  2. which one of these people do you hate the most
  3. what do you think of Bowser
  4. what is your favourite sport
  5. what do like to do in free time
  6. what do you do when you see a enemy
  7. you see some thief trying to rob a bank you
  8. half way there now whats your favourite nintendo character excluding Mario
  9. who is your sidekick out of these
  10. did you like this quiz

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