Which Koopaling are you?

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There are Koopalings in a world named Mushroom world, on Mario's side, Luiga's side, Luigi's side, and no bowser guys. Bowser Jr is his only offspring. many people thought they were his offspring, but sometimes Bowser kidnaps them all. Which one are you?

Are you Lemmy? Are you a genderbend of Lemmy? Do you qualify for this title? Until now, You could only wonder. Thanks to this great quiz, in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Demmy Island Koopa

  1. What is your favorite Genderbend?
  2. What is your favorite Mario Kart Wii course?
  3. What if you see Hip and Hop Koopa in the park?
  4. What if you had a freeze gun?
  5. What do you call Mario and Luigi?
  6. Which one do you like better, Rosalina, Daisy, Princess Demmy Koopa, or Peach?
  7. What is your favorite Koopaling?
  8. If you were stranded on an island with only one thing, what would it be?
  9. What is different about you and your family members?
  10. What if Luiga wins by doing absolutely nothing? (you're toadette)
  11. What if you had a very delicious meal but not sure if you can eat it
  12. What is your favorite mario character
  13. What is your nice side?
  14. Can you lift up Lemmy?
  15. This quiz is over.

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Quiz topic: Which Koopaling am I?