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  • I am totes a dream-bender

  • Dream-Bender Mermaid

    They grant all wishes and they all prefer the quiet places of nature. Beyond that,dream benders can be very different from one other. Dream-benders live beneath water falls the falls impart magic to dream-benders, who can shape fate and make dreams come true.

    Oh, let it be me!

  • Your Result: weather workers

    to go to sea is to put oneself at mercy of the wind,waves,and tide perhaps that's why every seafarer needs to be a bit of a magicin carms,ritals,taboos ,and chants are part of every ship's arsental sailors have brewed up all kinds of magic to ensure calm sea's and fair breezes the weather workers swimming deep below their keels often have other plans

    Sounds kinda like me XD

  • bluelight is teddy and lets go to STN to stop people like like bluelight


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