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  • Of cites I'm sweet!

    ValValDance Mar 7 '12, 7:12PM
  • Spicy...SO right!
    We all have our own scedules, we don't really know who will be home and when, that kinda thing.
    Cool Quiz! I Havent really seen any qizzes like this.

    Princess Bigfoot Jan 26 '12, 8:30PM
  • Perfect quiz! Spicy sooo describes my household. Love is always with us, and when I am gone at rodeos, horse shows, or Granny's, my family always loves on me when I get home. Even my little bro who sometimes cries when I'm gone. He is also a pain in the ass, so I sometimes like to be by myself!
    Anyways....GREAT QUIZ!

    Rodeo Chic Jan 22 '12, 7:21PM
  • i completey agree with DOGCATWORLD

    coconinama Jan 15 '12, 9:57PM
  • That was a cool quiz! Haven't seen anything like that, the description was totally true for me. (Although I don't think spicy was the right word... :P)

    Thanks for putting this out there!

    DogCatWorld Nov 15 '11, 5:54PM
  • I got stale

    MissGorgeous Aug 2 '08, 9:47PM
  • great quiz!

    misskiss Aug 2 '08, 8:33PM

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