what kind of guys are you interested in ?

this a quiz to see what type of guy you want most . i think the quiz is kinda cool . if you dont lik it though that is fine with me.if you like it that is fine with me also. in just a few minutes you will find out which kind of guy you are most suited for ....

the possible outcomes for this quiz are romantic , normal,or famous guys.romantic guys are guys who open doors foy you and things as such.normal guys are well the typical football fan. famous guys are rich and good looking.

Created by: kristyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like guys who bring roses to you just because you are going out on a date?
  2. do u like romance , money , or rowdy beer parties all the time
  3. would you want a soulmate , a beer buddy or a friend with benefits
  4. if u had birth with u'r 1st child would u want a husband 2 stick with , or leave you or leave and come back in the next 10 min with roses
  5. how many kids do u want??
  6. what if your hub was cheatin what would u do??
  7. do u think that your boyfriend or husband will meet your parents happily , have 2 be forced , or when u mention it he will run away
  8. what kind of guy do u want your result 2 be??
  9. what is u'r fave drink
  10. r u excited

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Quiz topic: What kind of guys am I interested in ?