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  • Summer fairy,I love the summer that way I can be outdoors twenty four seven and have fun adventures alot too. I hate being inside it gets boring. Cool quiz mate.

    • Your Result: Winter 90%

      You're a Winter Fairy! People can find you a little cold and off-putting at first, but if they stick around and get to know you, they find out how fun you are.

      74% Music
      66% Autumn
      61% Fruit
      58% Shadow
      50% Rainbow
      41% Smoke
      39% Spring
      36% River
      12% Summer

      Pretty cool quiz! I love the variety. I love winter, because it's easier to sleep in, I love cuddling up with weighted blankets with the heater on and it's a very important time for my family and I. Thanks for the quiz, it was so good!!


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