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  • What Kind of Criminal Are You?
    Your Result: Serial Killer

    You are a serial killer. You're twisted sadistic and violent yet people still find you interesting. You're intelligent and manipulative. You'll probably end up with multiple life sentences if you get caught.

    No, I won't, Because I'm currently in a mental institution. They let me use the computer, and yet they still cannot fathom how my door keeps being unlocked at night. Nor can they imagine what type of creature would dig through the medical waste.

    If they thought I was dangerous, I wouldn't be here. Then again, mistakes can be made.

    Solar Silver Mar 11 '16, 11:22AM
  • i'm a serial killer >.< wait... *evil smile* i know who's going first... >:) jk... but i still hate them!

    Firey_Soul Dec 3 '11, 3:48PM
  • its great!!! at least i didnt kill anyone!!! I just rob a bank!!!

    IAmSam Sep 29 '09, 2:06PM
  • table style="width: 320px; border: 1px solid gray; font: normal 12px sans-serif; background-color: white;">What Kind of Criminal Are You? Your Result: Bank RobberYou are a bank robber. Youre good with your hands. You have a high intelligence and you like to be a leader. Youre a planner and a manipulator. Besides, it's only money. It's not like you're killing people!ArsonistKidn apperSerial KillerIdentity Thief

    IAmSam Sep 29 '09, 2:04PM
  • i rock!! so me.

    girlnextdoor Dec 19 '07, 1:01PM
  • heh im a serial killer "Intelligent and manipulative" lol the day i kill some1 is the day where dogs do algeba. however as for smart and manipulative i can see that lol

    ace Dec 11 '07, 5:49PM
  • By the way, soccer freak, a cultist is someone who starts an utterly controlled and dellusional religion, then tricks people into joining and ends up either severely hurting or killing them by way of religious teaching. If you watch National Geographic, you can find examples of them. I would never be one, as I am an atheist and a humanist.

    Kokoro Shouyou Dec 1 '07, 4:21AM
  • Nice, bank-robber! I do like to plan out my attack, and I would like to order around everyone........ could be serial killer, as well as identity thief or kidnapper, but bank-robber suits me.......

    Kokoro Shouyou Dec 1 '07, 4:19AM
  • i am a cultist. If someone who reads this knows what this is will you pleaz tell me? thanx.

    soccerfreak_13 Nov 29 '07, 10:47PM
  • A kidnapper? Can't I be an evil villian? How can I kidnap when I am under 14 years?? Cool quiz any way!

    Hattie Nov 27 '07, 4:21PM
  • oooohhhhhhhhhh! a serial killer.....huh! funny considering how i haven't even got a traffic ticket yet..

    loonybins Nov 27 '07, 3:19PM
  • s--- yes

    lalalaleah Nov 27 '07, 5:11AM
  • oohhh im the 1st to comment! im a bank robber oh yeah watch out

    lalalaleah Nov 27 '07, 5:11AM

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