What kind of carp angler are you?

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What sort of carp angler are you? Are you a Euro snob? A flymaster? A Paylake specialist? a Specimen angler? Or do you fish for those little green trash fish?

Answer a few short questions to find out where you fall along the spectrum of the fastest-growing segment of angling in North America! (Or if you'd prefer to toss your rubber worm from your boat!)

Created by: CarpPro
  1. You are at a new water. You don't know how the fishing will be. Your "go to" bait is:
  2. A jug contains?
  3. Hair rigs. yes or no?
  4. You use Dynamite for?
  5. My lucky fishing outfit includes?
  6. Favorite fishing snacks!
  7. Bait runner, CarpMaster, Quick Drag, Click/Pawl?
  8. Who is the best angler in America?
  9. A throwing stick is?
  10. Your most priceless piece of fishing equipment is?
  11. Do you read CarpPro magazine from [no urls]?

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Quiz topic: What kind of carp angler am I?