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  • Your Result: The "Perfect" Guy
    He's very loveable and sweet to you. Good things: He loves you from the bottem of his heart and does not want to fight with you. He knows how you are feeling and is always there to cheer you up again and again. Bad things: He may not be EXACTLY how you want him to be and you might take advanatge of him, which isn't good.

    I wouldnt take advantage of anyone ever! other than that i like it

    woahh1212 Oct 9 '11, 11:57PM
  • Ok, look you guys, NO CHAIN COMMENTS ALLOWED. It's happened twice. I don't want it happening again.

    ilovemyhavanese Aug 24 '10, 10:22AM
  • being that i'm a 21 year old woman. i hope i wouldnt marry a boy O_O

    MYRASOSWEET Jul 7 '10, 9:30AM
  • casertys, I got the nerdy guy, and my bf is real nerdy. hes sweet.

    bigbunnyfan Jul 6 '10, 3:13PM
  • What kind of boy will you marry?
    Your Result: The Nerdy guy

    He's always coming up with ideas. Good things: He will get you alot of money to buy stuff with. He also is very talented at many thigs like math and science which make a lot of money. Bad things: He may be tired from doing lots of hard work at his job and may be kind of cranky sometimes.

    bigbunnyfan Jul 6 '10, 3:12PM
  • I got The Good Guy
    This type of guy is nice to everyone and always helps out. Good things: He's always first to treat everyone fairly and is always first to help someone in need. Bad things: Sometimes, he take the fair thing to far, which can start bad fights.
    Well......... its better dan nerdy

    CASERTYS Jul 5 '10, 6:02PM
  • perfact guy yay

    saralee123 Jul 5 '10, 4:53PM
  • I got the Perfect Guy. I don't think any guy could be perfect.

    rascal1178 Jul 2 '10, 10:30PM
  • sweet, the good guy!

    tomboy9876 Jul 1 '10, 11:09AM

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