What kind of boob are you

There are many reasons why people create quizzes. It could be for the valuable purpose of collecting data that could possibly redefine our perceptions about the thinking brain. Or maybe the inventor is an insomniac who is attempting non medicinal methods to recapture sleep. Go ahead.....Take My Quiz....

Many journeys of self-discovery begin by taking a look deep within yourself to find answers to soul searching questions. I can say with absolute certainty - you will not find that here. Dude - this quiz is called "What kind of boob are you"

Created by: Darla Girly
  1. On my next vacation, I want to
  2. If I were an animal, I would be a
  3. My preferred method of locomotion is
  4. My favorite piece of clothing is
  5. My favorite expression is
  6. My favorite comic hero is
  7. Which of these best describes you?
  8. My favorite TV show is
  9. Favorite letter in the alphabet is
  10. When you enter a room - the first thing people notice is your

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Quiz topic: What kind of boob am I