How Sleep Deprived Are You?

There are many people who pulled an all-nighter, but few who ever tested themselves until they collapse. Also, we usually go 16 to 18 hours without sleep. Sometimes, we might need a minute of nap time, but it's ok.

Hey, are you sleep deprived? Are you so sleep deprived that you will collapse? Did you just woke up? Until now, you can only think about it. Thanks to this quiz, in just a minute or two you will find out!

Created by: Chris24747
  1. Right now, how long was it since your last sleep?
  2. Try to focus on an imaginary island while thinking of money, can you do it?
  3. How tolerable is your sleep urge? Use a zero to five scale, please.
  4. After taking the quiz, how long do you want to nap for?
  5. What are your eyes feeling up there?
  6. What are your commands in place of?
  7. Now what are you doing right now.
  8. How many movements can you remember at a time?
  9. Are you done taking quizzes?
  10. Have you lost your orientation in time and space yet?
  11. What is your brain feeling now?
  12. How much are you thinking about sleep?
  13. Bye.

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Quiz topic: How Sleep Deprived am I?