what member of ptx are you most like?

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tell me am i goin crazy? (uh huh)..... tell me have i lost my mind? (yeah)... am i just afraid of lovin? (uh huh)... or am i not the lovin kind? (yeah)

gimme that.... caaaaaaaaaant sleeeeep looooooove!!! (give me that can't sleep) i want that caaaaaant sleeeep loooove!!!!! (give me that can't sleep love)

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your relationship status?
  2. got any pets?
  3. what kind of food do you prefer?
  4. Beyonce or Taylor swift?
  5. would you ever drastically change your hair?(like, cutting it super short, dying it green, shaving your head, mowhawk. ya know)
  6. what movie would you most likely go see?(ignore the year it came out)
  7. if i said "twerk for me" how would you respond?
  8. what is your religion?
  9. your sexual preference?
  10. tea or coffee?
  11. favorite color?
  12. do you live alone?

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Quiz topic: What member of ptx am I most like?