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  • Your Result: Owl 93%

    Owls are a solitary, nocturnal bird of prey found all over the world. There are over 200 documented species of owl. A Barn Owl is found in the photo to the right. Owls have binocular vision, sharp talon's, and good hearing. They come in many different colors, such as white, brown, or spotted. They have exceptionally good vision, especially in low light. They can also rotate their heads and necks 270 degrees. Most owls are nocturnal, and hunt their prey only at night. Owls can sometimes be territorial, but also form monogamous pairs.

    85% Raven
    72% Woodpecker
    51% Parrot
    23% Bald Eagle
    15% Heron
    11% Penguin
    0% Dove
    0% Sparrow
    0% Blackbird
    Not my fav, but still not bad ;)

  • Owl,I do come off mysterious and wise. I rely on myself being very independent and I also like the night a bit more I find it a bit more peaceful sense I'm alone then. Cool quiz mate.

  • Your result:raven 90%

    Ravens huh am not really a fan of it but i considere being a raven i do love living in beautiful places and my favorite coluor is blue so yeah!

  • I am a Raven! Also I did not know there were white ravens! Cool!

    Bird Lover
  • Raven huh ill take it!

  • I got black bird

  • Were all the pics in the Public Domain (CC0)?


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