What kind of Anglican are you?

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Anglicanism is a rich communion of faith with a great variety of people and gifts represented in it. This quiz is a fun way to reflect on what might be important, and to others, in the Anglican church.

This quiz will provide multiple answers that might resonate for you, so take time and think about which resonates most. It also doesn't define you but should be a fun tool for reflection.

Created by: Christopher Samsom
  1. Why is the doctrine of the Trinity important to you?
  2. What do you understand scripture to be?
  3. What is a Bishop?
  4. "The Lord be with you"
  5. What is most central to the church's mission?
  6. What is marriage?
  7. What youth group activity would you be excited about in your parish?
  8. What do you prefer to call the minister of your parish?
  9. What is your view on the apocrypha?
  10. How long should a sermon be?
  11. How often should communion be celebrated?
  12. Why do we baptize babies?
  13. How do you become a Christian?
  14. What is the church?
  15. What does your personal prayer life look like?
  16. What is happening in communion?
  17. What is the purpose of evangelism?
  18. What should church music be like?
  19. What are the 39 Articles?
  20. How should the church be decorated?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Anglican am I?