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People have different sense of fashion although they are not sure if they are extremely good or bad. Fashion is somethings that most girls will like and shows how sloppy is the girl or not. Like if she wears something really nice, you can tell that she really takes alot of effort to look for something and she is not a very sloppy person

Are you a fashion star? Do you have the ultra fashion to be the most fashionable person in the world? Are you the thinking kind of person? Take this quiz to find out how good is your fashion!

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  1. What kind of fashion u like?
  2. What would you wear if u go out to meet a guy (your crush)
  3. Do you like to attend a birthday party?
  4. Are you a fussy eater?
  5. Are you easy-going?
  6. If your sister is going for her prom night and she wears really awful,
  7. if your crush says he likes you,
  8. You are eating a burger and saw your crush kissing another girl,
  9. You were shopping with your friends and saw your most favourtie bag and feel like buying it but u do not enough money,
  10. You are shopping with a group of guys and and with your crush , u pass by a bra shop and saw a very nice bra which you want to buy,

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