What Job do you have in the Pokemon World?

Oh, Pokemon. There are so many jobs to pick. Watcher, Trainer, Professor, Coordinater, Hater of Mudkips... to name a few. Wait, Hater of Mudkips isn't a job?!

(Probably why I don't get any money for this job. Darn it.) Anyways, take this magical quiz and see what job you will get! Breeder and Leader not included.

Created by: Turquoise Archipelago
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  1. What's the best Pokemon?
  2. What's your favorite school subject?
  3. Favorite anime?
  4. (Hides behind Tracey) Favorite color? Tracey: They're gonna kill ME, you idiot! Me: I can sacrifice my favorite character.
  5. Um... RP time!
  6. You walk into a store and see Tracey.
  7. Tracey: (gets out gun) Do you hate Mudkip?
  8. That was boring. Anyways, new RP. Pick a box:
  9. All the boxes explode before you get to pick one.
  10. Last question! Are Duck Faces stupid?

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Quiz topic: What Job do I have in the Pokemon World?