What Dimension Should You Live In?

Hello, people of the internet! Many times I have wondered if I could pick any dimension to live, what should I choose? Now I don't have to wonder anymore, and neither do you! This quiz includes Equestria, Doctor Who, Kirby, and Pokemon.

Where do you belong? Do you think you should be a pastel-pink pony? A time-traveler? An adorable puffball? Or even a Pokemon Trainer? Now in just a few clicks you will know!

Created by: Crystal Tales
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  1. Hai! Thanks for taking this quiz, it's my first. :3
  2. I suddenly trap you in a pitch-black room!
  3. You're now sucked into a portal! Warning: Portals may cause slight nausea and dizziness.
  4. You reappear in a room with an animal you have never seen before.
  5. I allow you to leave the room. Blinking, you step into your fave place in the world...
  6. While you're resting, what's your favorite color(s)?
  7. The next day, I walk in to find you bruised, beaten up, and tired on your bed. How did that happen?
  8. You poor thing! Here...I got you something!
  9. You're feeling better now, let's take a walk! What do you notice most?
  10. A wild monster appears on our walk! (This will greatly affect results)
  11. When you have defeated the monster you realize one of your dear friends has been injured.
  12. Your friend has been taken over by the monster!
  13. You defeat the monster, and your friend is fine, but you're gravely injured. When you awake in the hospital a few days later your first thought is...
  14. You realize your rival is in the room.
  15. About a week later, you walk home, feeling very hungry for...
  16. Bye! Thank you for taking my quiz! *gives cookie*

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