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  • Your Result: Squirreltail 86%

    resultYou're Squirreltail of FlameClan! You are a dark ginger she-cat with green eyes and a bushy tail like a squirrel's. You are a warrior, and the leader ,Fernstar's, daughter. You tend to go out on your own a lot and are VERY independent.

  • You're Shellshine of WaterClan! You are a pretty, dappled gray she-cat with pale blue eyes. You are a warrior and are the best swimmer in history of WaterClan. You amaze the kits and apprentices with your strong legs and powerful paws.

    yay! :D

  • Shellshine of water clan,I do love to swim alot and would like to have a dark fur pelt too. I'd like to be a inspiration to my fellow peers and help the kits learn to swim well. Pawsome quiz mate.

  • Actually, I am Greyshadow of FeatherClan. Her mother is Shadowpounce, her father is Flamefoot, and her mate is Rainfall.

  • Hey! I totally like this quiz! I got Poppyflower

  • mistypool!! ...O_O 5 hours of stress and birth?! O_O meow!


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