What is your warrior name?

Are you writing a warrior cat fanfiction? Couldn't think of any good names? Can't think of an appearance or personality? Or do you want a name? Then this is the quiz for you!

Just take some questions and in a few minutes you'll get a name! Worried that you'll get a bad one like Cherryberry (XD)? Don't worry, you'll get something good like Frostshimmer! :) And I want to change username to Scourge!

Created by: Winxlover
  1. Note: If you get one of the Scourge results, one of them says 'like he did with Firestar', please note that I meant 'like he did with TIGERSTAR,' not Firestar.
  2. Do you respect the warrior code?
  3. Will you risk your life for your clan?
  4. Will you stand up for what you believe in?
  5. Are you brave?
  6. Are you shy?
  7. Would you like stripes on your pelt?
  8. Which pelt color?
  9. Favorite season?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: What is my warrior name?