What Is Your Warrior Characteristics

This is not a Characteristic quiz, its more like an adventure, you venture through your world side by side with Riverpaw on many adventures and many more to come if you take the next test.

Are YOU gonna get what you want? Are YOU gonna take this test and get a good answer? Are YOU going to be sleeping while you take this test? I hope not, and finally, are YOU gonna take the next test?

Created by: Cristina
  1. You are three weeks old and a pretty/handsome tom/she cat (pick your opposite gender) named Riverpaw came up to you to ask you to play and you say:
  2. You are now an apprentice now! Riverpaw bounds up to you and licks your muzzle and congratulates you, you say:
  3. You and Riverpaw are going to the gathering! You:
  4. You are walking by the training area and you see Riverpaw training, you:
  5. You are randomly wondering if there is another quiz, there is, u wanna take it?
  6. You and Riverpaw spot a fox, you
  7. You are taking your first hunting assessment, and you catch three mice, a turtle (yup) and a fox, your mentor
  8. Riverpaw hints he/she loves you, you:
  9. You meet a pretty/handsome tom/she cat wt the next gathering, Riverpaw is scowling, you:
  10. You are also probably wondering why I have the first 2 questions those questions, you:
  11. Are you going to take the next test?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Warrior Characteristics