What Stereotype Do You Fall Under?

Everyone fits to a certain mold; they have characteristics which define them in modern society. What characteristics do you possess, and what do they make you?

Are you a prep, scenester, et cetera? Well, now is your opportunity to discover for yourself who you really are! Good luck; hopefully you'll find that you've known all along! ^-^

Created by: Marilyn Spears
  1. It's Friday Night And You Have Nothing Else To Do! Run To The Video Store, And Pick Up...
  2. You're A Little Down; Some Music Will Perk You Up! So, What's On Your Playlist?
  3. Well It's A Nice Day, You're At The Mall...What Stores Do You Go In To?
  4. Brr...It's A Cold Day! What Do You Throw On?
  5. You Won A Ticket For A Free Haircut At A Fancy Salon! So, How Will You Do It?
  6. Who Of These Is The Most Attractive?
  7. Library Day At School! Which Book Do You Check Out?
  8. Which of These Eye Colors Do You Have/Love/Wish You Had?
  9. Check Your DVR; Which Shows Have You Recorded?
  10. What's Your Favorite Drink?

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Quiz topic: What Stereotype do I Fall Under?