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  • I am never going Blonde it is pretty but I like my hair!!! Also I am not popular and probably no boys like me!!!! Good effort though!!!!!!!

    dogsbuddy Jul 27 '14, 5:45PM
  • blonde nice because I have dirty blonde hair with highlights and my hair looks blonde with the highlights so that's cool. its great being a blonde like totally!

    shorthairgirl May 13 '14, 2:57PM
  • WHAT THE HELL I AM NEVER GOING TO BE BLOND. I LOVE HORROR MOVIES AND I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE POPULAR. i`m sorry but this quiz sucks. no matter how many times i do this i al ways get blond.

    SilverNote13 Feb 1 '14, 10:40PM
  • Rainbow but I would NEVER dye my hair

    Jazzpaw18 Feb 1 '14, 7:37PM
  • Rainbow :))

    ocean Feb 1 '14, 4:07PM
  • Haha I got redhead. :P

    ICEE CHILL Feb 1 '14, 12:34PM
  • "blonde---
    you are popular, b----y at times but nice at other times. you enjoy chick flics and are very popular with the boys even if you have never had a BF all the boys fall to your feet. your also very pretty."

    lol I'm not popular, I'm b----y all the time, I'm nice if you don't get on my nerves, I hate chick-flicks, boys don't like me, aaaand I'm not very pretty. haha this result is like the opposite of myself.

    BTRfreak Feb 1 '14, 12:13AM
  • Now I got brunette and the description is accurate

    Jenniferdu Jan 31 '14, 4:36PM
  • I'm a brunette not a blonde

    Jenniferdu Jan 31 '14, 4:34PM
  • wierdo! i got red head. and don't talk fakes Music123!

    Sapphireflame31 Jan 30 '14, 5:40AM
  • Rainbow ;)

    Brightwing777 Jan 23 '14, 5:56PM
  • Emma,I have a daughter named Emma too.By the way I have blonde and thats my anwser.See yal`

    Julie Bros Jan 13 '14, 1:57AM

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