What is your true age?

Everybody has an age. But does your age really reveal you? Does it describe how you act and react? Just because you are a certain age, it doesn't mean this is how you act. Your age says a lot about you, so find out your true age.

How old are you? That is a question everyone can answer. How mature are you? That isn't a question you can easily answer. If you really want to know how mature you are, than you should take this quiz. It will reveal many secrets you have been wanting to know.

Created by: Anna
  1. Invision you are home alone with your baby sister. She is taking her nap, and then you hear her scream. You..
  2. It is Halloween. Your favorite thing to do is...
  3. You are invited to a party. Once you are notified, the first thing you do is..
  4. Your older sister just got a laptop computer. you are very jealous. You..
  5. Early bird..
  6. How do you feel about global warming?
  7. How many questions are left?
  8. Will you rate this quiz?
  9. Will you comment on this quiz?
  10. This is the last question. Are you ready to get your results?

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Quiz topic: What is my true age?